N2K-C2232PPN2K-C2232PP-10GE (32×1/10GE+8x10GE), airflow/power option
N2K-C2224TPN2K-C2224TP-1GE (24×100/1000-T+2x10GE), airflow/power option
N2K-C2248TPN2K-C2248TP-1GE (48×100/1000-T+4x10GE), airflow/power option
N2K-C2232TFNexus 2232TM with 16 FET, choice of airflow/power
N2K-C2232TMN2K-C2232TM-10GE (32×1/10GT+8x10GE), airflow/power option
N2K-C2232PFNexus 2232PP with 16 FET, choice of airflow/power
N2K-C2224TFNexus 2224TP with 4 FET, choice of airflow/power
N2K-C2248TFNexus 2248TP with 8 FET, choice of airflow/power
N2K-C2248TF-ENexus 2248TP-E with 8 FET, choice of airflow/power
N2K-C2248TP-EN2K-C2248TP-E-1GE (48×100/1000-T+4x10GE), airflow/PS option
N2K-C2232TF-ENexus 2232TM-E with 16 FET, choice of airflow/power
N2K-C2232TM-EN2K-C2232TM-E-10GE (32×1/10GT+8x10GE), airflow/power option
N2K-C2232T8F-ENexus 2232TM-E with 8 FET, choice of airflow/power
N2K-C2248PQNexus 2000 Series 10GE FEX, 48×1/10GE SFP+, 4x40G QSFP
N2K-C2232PF-10GENexus 2232PP with 16 FET (2 AC PS, 1 FAN (Std Airflow))
N2K-C2248TF-1GENexus 2248TP with 8 FET (2 AC PS, 1 Fan (Std Airflow))
N2K-C2248PQFNexus 2248PQ with (8 FET-40G) or (4 FET-40G and 16 FET-10G)
N2K-C2232TM-10GEN2K 10GE, 2 AC PS, 1Fan (Std Air), 32×1/10GT+Uplink Module
N2K-C2232TF-10GENexus 2232TM with 16 FET (2 AC PS, 1Fan (Std Airfflow))
N2K-C2248TP-1GEN2K GE,2 AC PS,1 Fan Std Air,48×100/1000T+4x10GE
N2K-C2224TP-1GEN2K GE,2 AC PS,1 Fan Std Air,24×100/1000T+2x10GE
N2K-C2232PF10GENexus 2232PP + 16 FET (2 AC PS,1 FAN(Std Airfl))
N2K-C2232PP10GEN2K 10GE,2 AC PS,1 Fan(Std Air),32×1/10GE+8x10GE
N2K-C2232TM10GEN2K 10GE, 32×1/10GT+Uplink Mod,Spare (no FAN/PS)
N2K-C2232PPN2K-C2232PP (32×1/10GE+8x10GE) airflow/pwr-opt
N2K-C2248TF-ENexus 2248TP-E w/8 FET, choice of airflow/power
N2K-C2248TF-1GENexus 2248TP 8 FET 2 AC PS, 1 Fan Std Airflow
N2K-C2248TPE1GEN2K GE, 48×100/1000-T+4x10GE req SFP+ No Fans/PS
N2K-C2232TF10GENexus 2232TM 16 FET (2 AC PS, 1Fan Std Airfflow)
N2K-C2248TFNexus 2248TP with 8 FET
N5548UP-4N2248TPNexus 5548UP/4xN2248TP
N5548UP-4N2248TFNexus 5548UP/4xN2248TP/32xFET
N5548UPM-4N2232PFNexus 5548UP/Expansion Module/4xN2232PP/64xFET
N5596UP-4N2232PFNexus 5596UP/4xN2232PP/64xFET
N5548UPM-6N2248TFNexus 5548UP/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP/48xFET
N5548UPM-6N2248TPNexus 5548UP/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP
N5596UPM-8N2248TPNexus 5596UP/8xN2248TP/Expansion Module
N5596UPM-8N2248TFNexus 5596P/8xN2248TP/64xFET/Expansion Module
N5596UP-6N2248TPNexus 5596UP/6xN2248TP
N5596UP-6N2248TFNexus 5596UP/6xN2248TP/48xFET
N5548UP-4N2248TRNexus 5548UP/4xN2248TP/20xSFP-10G-SR
N5548UPM-6N2248TRNexus 5548UP/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP/30xSFP-10G-SR
N5596UP-6N2248TRNexus 5596UP/6xN2248TP/30xSFP-10G-SR
N5596UPMM-12N2248TNexus 5596UP/2 x Expansion Module/12 x N2248TP/96 x FET
N5548UPL3-2N2248TFNexus 5548UP/L3 Daughter Card/2 x N2248/16 x FET
N5548UPM-4FEXNexus 5548UP/Expansion Module/4 x FEX
N5596UPMM-8FEXNexus 5596UP/2 x Expansion Module/8 x FEX
N5596UP-4FEXNexus 5596UP/4 x FEX
N5596UPM-6FEXNexus 5596UP/Expansion Module/6 x FEX
N2K-C2248TR-ENexus 2248TP-E with 1 x QSFP-40G-SR4 and 4 x SFP-10G-SR
N5672UP-4FEX-10GN5672UP Chassis with 4 x 10G FEXes with FETs
N5672UP-6FEX-1GN5672UP Chassis with 6 x 1G FEXes with FETs
N5672UP-2FEX-10GN5672UP Chassis with 2 x 10G FEXes with FETs
N5672UP-4FEX-1GN5672UP Chassis with 4 x 1G FEXes with FETs
N5672UP-6FEX-10GN5672UP Chassis with 6 x 10G FEXes with FETs
N5672UP-6FEX-10GTN5672UP Chassis with 6 x 10GT FEXes with FETs
N5672UP-4FEX-10GTN5672UP Chassis with 4 x 10GT FEXes with FETs
N5672UP-8FEX-1GN5672UP Chassis with 8 x 1G FEXes with FETs
N56128PMM-6FEX-10GNexus 56128P, 2xN56-M24UP2Q, 6xNexus 2248PQ with FETs
N56128P-4FEX-10GNexus 56128P, 4xNexus 2232PP with FETs
N56128P-8FEX-1GNexus 56128P, 8xNexus 2248TP-E with FETs
N56128P-4FEX-10GTNexus 56128P, 4xNexus 2232TM-E with FETs
N56128P-6FEX-1GNexus 56128P, 6xNexus 2248TP-E with FETs
N56128PM-6FEX-10GTNexus 56128P, 1xN56-M24UP2Q, 6xNexus 2232TM-E with FETs
N56128PM-12FEX-1GNexus 56128P, 1xN56-M24UP2Q, 12xNexus 2248TP-E with FETs
N56128PM-8FEX-10GNexus 56128P, 1xN56-M24UP2Q, 8xNexus 2232PP with FETs
N56128PM-6FEX-10GNexus 56128P, 1xN56-M24UP2Q, 6xNexus 2232PP with FETs
N56128PM-8FEX-10GTNexus 56128P, 1xN56-M24UP2Q, 8xNexus 2232TM-E with FETs
N56128PM-4FEX-10GNexus 56128P, 1xN56-M24UP2Q, 4xNexus 2248PQ with FETs
N5548UP4N2248TFNexus 5548UP/4xN2248TP/32xFET
N2K-C2248-FANN2200 GE FEX Fan Module, Std airflow (Port side exhaust)
N2K-C2232-FANN2200 10GE FEX Fan, Std airflow (port side exhaust)
N2200-P-BLNKN2K-C2200 Series Power Supply Blank, spare
N2200-ACC-KITN2K-C2200 Series FEX Accessory Kit, Spare
N2200-PAC-400WN2K/3K 400W AC Power Supply, Std airflow (Port side exhaust)
N2200-PAC-400W-BN2K/N3K AC Power Supply, Reversed airflow (port side intake)
N2200-PDC-400WN2K 400W DC Power Supply, Std airflow (Port side exhaust)
N2K-C2248-FAN-BNexus 2200 GE FEX FAN, Reversed Airflow (Port side intake)
N2K-C2232-FAN-BNexus 2200 10GE FEX FAN, Reversed Airflow (Port side intake)
NXA-AIRFLOW-SLVNexus Airflow Extension Sleeve
NXA-ACC-KIT-BAVNexus Airflow Vent
N2K-C2232-FANN2200 10GE FEX Fan,Std airflow port side exhaust
NXA-AIRFLOW-SLVNexus Airflow Extension Sleeve
N2K-C2148T-1GEN2K 1GE FEX,1PS1FanMod48x1G-BaseT+4x10GE reqSFP+
CAB-C13-C14-2MPower Cord Jumper, C13-C14 Connectors, 2 Meter Length
CAB-C13-C14-JMPRRecessed receptacle AC power cord 27
CAB-N5K6A-NAPower Cord, 200/240V 6A North America
CAB-C13-CBNCabinet Jumper Power Cord, 250 VAC 10A, C14-C13 Connectors
CAB-IND-10A10A Power cable for India
CAB-9K12A-NAPower Cord, 125VAC 13A NEMA 5-15 Plug, North America
CAB-9K10A-AUPower Cord, 250VAC 10A 3112 Plug, Australia
CAB-9K10A-EUPower Cord, 250VAC 10A CEE 7/7 Plug, EU
CAB-9K10A-ITPower Cord, 250VAC 10A CEI 23-16/VII Plug, Italy
CAB-9K10A-SWPower Cord, 250VAC 10A MP232 Plug, SWITZ
CAB-9K10A-UKPower Cord, 250VAC 10A BS1363 Plug (13 A fuse), UK
CAB-C13-C14-2MPowerCord JmprC13-C14 Connectors 2M Length SPARE
SFP-H10GB-CU1M10GBASE-CU SFP+ Cable 1 Meter
SFP-H10GB-CU3M10GBASE-CU SFP+ Cable 3 Meter
SFP-H10GB-CU5M10GBASE-CU SFP+ Cable 5 Meter
SFP-H10GB-ACU7MActive Twinax cable assembly, 7m
SFP-H10GB-ACU10MActive Twinax cable assembly, 10m